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The Following Table Gives A Good Comparison Among Various Classes Of Pigments

Comparison of Pigment Families
Property Behavior InorganicPigments ClassicalOrganic Pigments SpecialtyOrganic Pigments OrganicDyestuffs
Opacity Usually high Translucent to Transport Translucent to Transport Very Transparent
Color Strength Low to moderate Considerably stronger than Inorganic Pigments Considerably stronger than Inorganic Pigments Strongest
Dispersability Usually Good: Often Abrasive Adequate Poor to Good Not required; Soluble
Heat Resistant Usually 5000 F; Some 2000 C 1500 C-3000 C 2000 C- 3000 C 2500 C- 3500 C
Migration resistance Excellent Moderate -Good Good - Outstanding Very Poor - Good
Light Fastness (on a Blue scale) 6 to 8 2 to 6 6 to 8 2 to 7
Weather resistance Outstanding for selection Insufficient Excellent for Selection Good for Selection

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