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Chemical classification of the Dyes

Dyes can be divided according to the nature of their Chromophore:
Group Uses
Category: Acridine dyes, derivatives of acridine >C=N-and>C=C Textiles, leather
Category: Anthraquinone dyes, derivatives of anthraquinone >C=O and>C=C Textiles
Category: Arylmethane dyes
  • Diarylmethane dyes, based on diphenyl methane
  • Triarylmethane dyes, based on triphenyl methane
Category: Azo dyes, based on a -N=N- azo structure
Category: Cyanine dyes, derivatives of phthalocyanine
Category: Diazonium dyes, based on diazonium salts
Category: Nitro dyes, based on the -NO2 nitro functional group
Category: Nitroso dyes, are based on a -N=O nitroso functional
Category: Phthalocyanine dyes, derivatives of phthalocyanine >C=N Paper
Category: Quinone-imine dyes, derivatives of quinone Wool and paper
Category: Azin dyes
  • Eurhodin dyes
  • Safranin dyes, derivatives of safranin -C-N=C- -C-N-C
Leather and textile
Category: Xanthene dyes, derived from xanthene -O-C6H4-0 Cotton, Silk and Wool
Category: Indophenol dyes, derivatives of indophenol >C=N-and>C=O Color photography
Category: Oxazin dyes, derivatives of oxazin -C-N=C =C-O-C= Calico printing
Category: Oxazone dyes, derivatives of oxazone
Category: Thiazin dyes, derivatives of thiazin
Category: Thiazole dyes, derivatives of thiazole >C=N-and-S-0= Intermediate
Category: Fluorene dyes, derivatives of fluorene
Category: Rhodamine dyes, derivatives of rhodamine
Category: Pyronin dyes

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