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Inkjet - Dyes

Inkjet Dyes

Inkjet Dyes

Electronic print processes is widely in demand these days. The growth of multi color inkjet technology is especially growing in the home and office segments. A substantial and thriving consumer market for inkjet can be noticed in packaging, publication, and specialty areas.

Inkjet Dyes are highly concentrated colorants specifically designed for today’s inkjet markets. Available in wide variety of colors, these ultra pure dyes are low in chlorides and prepared to meet all standard criteria for the inkjet industry. Inkjet printing are meticulously produced using comprehensive purification and filtration processes. The quality of an inkjet printing is very much influenced by the physico-chemical properties of printing ink.

Dye inks are prepared by dissolving of the liquid colored dyes into a fluid carrier. This makes the dyes easy to apply. When it is applied to a paper, the dyes are absorbed very uniformly so they reflect light very evenly. As the printing is a high precision job the inkjet dyes need to have superior quality in terms of colors, physical properties, and stability. Generally direct, reactive, and acid dyes are used as dyes for Inkjet Ink.

Inkjet dyes are available in both forms powder and liquids.

Given here is a few of the inkjet dyes that are available in the powder form along with its characteristics:
CI NameCI NumberConcentrationQualityCharacteristics
Reactive Red 180181055100.00%Salt-free / ROMagenta (standard)
Acid Red 5245100400.00%Low SaltStandard for toning as well as shading
Acid Blue 942090165.00%Low SaltCyan (standard)
Direct Blue19974190175.00%Salt-free / ROGreenish blue
Acid Yellow 2319140200.00%Salt-free / RORed shaded Yellow (standard)
Direct Black 16830410165.00%Salt-free / ROStandard
Direct Black 1935255200.00%Salt-free / ROStandard


Functioning of the Inkjet dyes
Inkjet print images use a specific procedure to fix dye firmly for making the prints durable when they are stored.

Dyes that are generally used for inkjet printers is charged to anionic, while cationic substances are used as a fixation for the dye.

Inkjet papers that has cationic polymers, have a superlative effect in fixing the various dyes. As the following diagram illustrates:


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