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Dyes for Water Based Inkjet Inks

It is an important fact that water based ink will accept only dyes that are water soluble. When choosing dyes for water based inkjet inks the choice is a bit limited as the vehicle restricts the types of dyes.

Dyes that are used for water based inkjet inks must provide colors that are highly saturated. Should scatter or refract only a very little amount of light. Various class of dyestuffs has been developed like reactive, direct, acid or base for application in Inkjet Inks.

Water based Ink-jet inks that has good pH stability may be made by using yellow dyes and buffers. Examples can be given of yellow dyes made from water-soluble azo and bis azo dyes. Some of the products in this category are C.I. Direct Yellow 142, C.I. Direct Yellow 86, C.I. Direct Yellow 132, C.I. Direct Yellow 173 etc.
Selecting the Right Dye for water based inkjet inks Inkjet inks are employed for very delicate purposes that requires precision, so the dyes used must be of very high standard and quality. It should show the following qualities:

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