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Pigments in Paint Industry

Pigments in Paint Industry
Pigments are the coloring elements present in the paints and have a very special place in the paint industry. The paint industry uses specialty pigments to manufacture paints for a variety of applications. Ranging from automobiles to buildings hardware, the list is virtually endless. 
The paints that employ the wide variety of pigments can be broadly classified according to application into two types. They are colorants for the industrial applications and architectural/decorative applications respectively.
Pigment Types Earth color Pigment- Derived from the natural sources and are inorganic in nature (i.e. metal oxides). Examples: ocher, umber, terra di siena, bolus, swedish red etc.

Earth pigments have properties like:-
Mineral Pigments- Mineral pigments comprises synthetic inorganic pigments. Examples: chrome oxide green, titanium dioxide, iron oxide yellow, red, brown and black, ultramarine blue, nickel-titanium yellow etc.

One of the disadvantages of mineral pigments is the toxicity and ecological imbalance.

Plant Color Pigments- Plant colors are sourced from natural organic pigment found in plants. Examples: indigo, alizarin red, woad, reseda, alkanna violet and saffron.

Synthetic Pigments- Synthetic Pigments are the most widely used but artificial organic pigments and dyes. Examples are: azo, dioxazine and phthalocyanin.

The advantage is synthesization in almost any shade, especially in pure color tones and gives dazzling visual effects.
What's there in a can of paint? More the amount of pigment and binder, better the quality of the paint.

Paints are manufactured using 4 basic ingredient categories:

Color Tinting System: A New Way to Impart Colors

A total Color Tinting System consists of:  

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