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Paper Industry

Paper Industry
Paper Industries are widely using dyes form last so many decades. Seeing the growth in the paper industry it can be safely assumed that Dyes for paper industry has a very promising future. Given below is a comprehensive list of the various grades of paper that are open to dyeing:
The dyes that are used includes sulphur dyes and cationic direct dyes. Other than these two popular options acid dyes and basic dyes are also used. Sulphur dyes are reduced alkaline solutions. For example to get the colour black, a polymer is obtained by the result of a reaction between. 2, 4 dinitrophenol and sodium polysulphide. The polymer structure is shown below:

Coming to the Cationic Direct Dye, some features which makes them suitable towards use in paper are:
A typical structure of a cationic direct dye is given here:
Criteria for selection of the Dye


New Trends appearing in paper dyeing  

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