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Application of Dyes and Pigments

Dyes gives jazzy colors to the t-shirt you wear or the shinning black to the leather shoes. They give colored print out from your printer. Perhaps there would be a very few applications, where there would be no use of the dyes. Constant researches done over the 20th century and there after has resulted into every imaginable form of color of dye. Modern dyes serves more than just being pretty. They have become indispensable tools for a variety of industries.

From acting as colorants for plastics, Textile dyeing industries and the highly sophisticated biotechnology industry dyes are touching our life everywhere. Dyes are also used by industries for inks and tinting. Today, a wide variety of dyes are manufactured to meet the requirements of each type of industries. Dyes are available in various forms. Example: dry powders, granules, pastes, liquids, pellets, and chips.

Other industries where dyes are used in a variety of products include paper and pulp, adhesives, art supplies, beverages, ceramics, construction, cosmetics, food, glass, paints, polymers, soap, wax biomedicine etc.

Dyes that cater to specialty industries often come with specialized properties that include:

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