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Buyers Guide to Dyes

Dyeing is a very critical process and ensuring the quality of dye is also very critical. The warm and moist conditions are also an important factor that should be considered while dyeing any product.

Listed below are some of the parameters and questions that a dye manager must consider before opting for any dyeing process. Common Dyeing Problems
A Dyer encounters a lot of problems while dyeing the products. Here in this page a few of such common dyeing problems as faced by the dyer are discussed along with solutions.
Common Dyeing Problems Solutions Unstable dye dispersion Incorrect dyeing program The answer lies in optimization of dyeing process. Which means adjustment of the process parameters in a manner so that the entire operation takes place in the shortest possible time. It should not exceed the tolerance limits with respect to reproducibility and levelness.

This effectively means quick heating in the temperature ranges where the dye exhausts slowly or is already exhausted. Controlled heating as the dye starts showing a particularly high rate of exhaustion. Poor light fastness Causes are: Pale areas found after dyeing is over Deviations in shades of dyeing causes can be- Presence of Precipitates in the dye bath Poor dye fixation System losses in continuous dyeing processes  

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