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Carbon Black

Carbon Black

Carbon Black

Carbon blacks are typically elemental Carbon that is available in highly dispersed powdered forms. They are produced from hydrocarbons by controlled vapour-phase pyrolysis.

Carbon Black is one of the most important types of pigments that have major industrial applications. In Producing Carbon Black there are numerous processes available. Mostly all the production processes depends on thermal decomposition or incomplete burning of fuel oil or natural gas (hydro carbons). Majority of all carbon black is made by employing the furnace process. "Furnace black" and "channel black" are the two very popular variants of Carbon Black. Others include acetylene black, lamp black and thermal black. Mostly all types of Carbon blacks contain oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur.

Characteristics of Carbon Black



Key Features of Carbon Black

Performance Measures Carbon Black

Performance Measures Carbon Black

The requirements of applicability of Carbon Black are critical, their importance also vary according to application. Few such requirements are discussed here:

 Color Strength- Colour strength of a few type of carbon Black pigment as appearing in Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymer is shown in the graph.

Masterbatch Dilutability- Masterbatch dilutability is approximated and compared by the process of measuring the melt viscosity of a given masterbatch formulation. In fact masterbatch dilutability is critical. In the selection of the right carbon black and can result in saving substantial formulation cost.
UV Stability- By addition of carbon black, the stability with regard to UV rays can be increased.
Carbon Black Dispersability
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