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Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic pigments are used to impart colors in different compounds. These pigments are made up of mineral compounds and these minerals are mainly oxides, sulphides of one or more than one metals.

Sources of Inorganic PigmentsInorganic pigments can be obtained from various naturally occurring mineral sources or minerals which have been obtained synthetically.


Advantages of Inorganic Pigments


Shortcomings of Inorganic PigmentsThese pigments have low tinting strength so a large number of pigments are required to produce the desired effects.

Color comes from inorganic pigments is comparatively less brighter. These pigments are also seemed to be less rich and pure than the organic pigments.


Availability of Inorganic Pigments in the marketInorganic pigments are available in various forms like: powder, pastes, slurries and suspensions.

The Inorganic Pigments are again divided into two sub types:
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