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Classification of Dyes

Dyes can be classified in several ways, each class has a very unique chemistry, structure and particular way of bonding. Some dyes can react chemically with the substrates forming strong bonds in the process, and others can be held by physical forces. Some of the prominent ways of classification are given below US International Trade Commission has advocated the most popular classification of dyes. This system classifies dyes into 12 types, which are given below:
Group Application
Direct Cotton, cellulosic and blended fibres
Vat dyes Cotton, cellulosic and blended fibres
Sulphur Cotton, cellulosic fibre
Organic pigments Cotton, cellulosic, blended fabric, paper
Reactive Cellulosic fibre and fabric
Disperse dyes Synthetic fibres
Acid Dyes Wool, silk, paper, synthetic fibres, leather
Azoic Printing Inks and Pigments
Basic Silk, wool, cotton

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